In my current work I use various painting processes and printmaking techniques to create contemporary urban environments that are inspired by personal experiences, Architecture and the passage of time.

I combined figurative imagery and abstraction to invent visual narrative. My paintings depict deserted spaces, landscapes and interiors in fictional, dreamlike locations. I experiment with Geometry, perspective, and use lines and planes that converge or bypass one another from various vanishing points. Some shapes are solid, others transparent, and all suggest depth, movement, or stillness, creating perspectival ambiguities. Many pieces resemble blue print-like diagrams representing imagined locations with structures that appear at times suspended in space; Some are populated by generic floating windows grouped together like systems of stars. Others have translucent windows that show reflected light. Still others evoke interiors where domestic elements are vaguely visible, and ghost-like figures are implied. 


For all inquiries, please contact me at suvalera08@gmail.com